The IV Assistant

NURA’s easy-to-use system provides medication expertise when it’s needed most

Building technology to innovative patient care

Each year

in the US, doctors and nurses prepare 347 million doses of intravenous (IV) medication in the emergency department alone1. Surprisingly, the preparation of IV medication is still highly manual and error-prone, costing the US healthcare system $15B annually.

Pediatric patients

are especially affected by this since all medications are weight-based – different child, different dose. As a result, 35% of children are given the wrong dose of IV medication when treated in the ER, which results in 1.5 million children hurt by IV medication every year.


Our team has developed a device that automates the main pain points in pediatric IV medication preparation, automatically assessing the weight and preparing medication. This solution can help reduce errors by 50% and save hospitals up to $1.3M each year.

More importantly

More importantly, this ensures that all children are treated according to the best standard of care.

Our team is currently carrying out MVP development and testing our solution at our partner institution, the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Reducing medication errors

in pediatric emergency care