Our Journey

McGill University, Clinical Innovation Competition

May 2021, Winners of the Bereskin & Parr Innovation Prize and second-place winners of the Marika Zelenka Roy Innovation Prize

McGill University, Surgical Innovation Program

As the pediatric emergency medicine team, we spent countless hours in the Montreal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department shadowing physicians in their day-to-day clinical duties. Offering a fresh eye, NURA Medical was tasked with identifying pain points of emergency care that could benefit from an innovative solution. We quickly realized that the calculation and preparation of intravenous (IV) medication was a complicated and tedious procedure that created a bottleneck in the ER clinical workflow, especially when caring for trauma patients. Our team, determined to find a solution to expedite this process, spent the following months developing a device to solve this unmet clinical need.

McGill University, Dobson Cup

  • July 2020
  • Finalist

McGill University, X1 Accelerator Program

  • June- August 2020

Centech, Accelerator Program

  • September – December 2020


  • November 2020
  • World’s largest open innovation competition
  • Awarded: Grand Prize Winner
  • Awarded: Best Technological Solution

Centech, Propulsion Program

  • January 2021 – Present

Desjardins, Start-Up In Residence Program

  • March 2021 – Present