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NurEx vs. Ottawa Manual: The Best Medication Dosing Tool for Your Emergency Department

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When it comes to pediatric medication dosing in Emergency Departments (EDs), precision and reliability are non-negotiable. This blog post offers a detailed comparison between two prominent tools in this field: NurEx and the Ottawa Manual. We will examine their features, benefits, and downsides when it comes to helping teams of clinicians prepare medications accurately.


What is NurEx?

NurEx is an innovative software designed for precise medication dosing in pediatric patients. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to calculate medications, prepare them and ensure all the data you are seeing as a health professional is pertinent to the patient’s condition, age, and weight. Its notable features include:

  • All Emergency Neonatal & Pediatric Information in One Place: All pediatric off-label uses verified and validated by pediatric experts.
  • Seamless Calculations: Automatically calculates doses, dilutions, reconstitutions for all of the most common ED medications
  • All-in-one dosing administration information: Once patient-specific dosing information is computed, the software guides nurses through all the steps of medication preparation.
  • Complete medication data you can trust: The step-by-step medication database was developed with a team of pediatric pharmacists, nurses, and physicians at leading pediatric hospitals. Find Y-site compatibility, flushing information for your specific case, and much more in seconds.
  • User-Friendly Interface:Designed for quick and easy access in fast-paced ED settings. Everything is organized in a way that matches the flow of the ED; truly designed with nurses, for nurses.


Benefits of NurEx

  1. Precision: Offers highly accurate dosing calculations, minimizing the risk of errors.
  2. Up-to-Date Information, fitting your guidelines: Automatically updates to reflect the latest pediatric dosing guidelines and takes into account local preferences.
  3. Reduce cognitive burden: Simplifies complex calculations but does much more: allows for nurses to track verification status, simplifies transfers of care, and warns of maximum and minimum dosing limits.


What is the Ottawa Manual?

The Ottawa Manual is a time-tested reference guide for pediatric medication dosing, known for its:

  • Comprehensive Adult Coverage: Extensive information on a wide range of medications for adults.
  • Expert-Reviewed Guidelines: Compiled and reviewed by leading pediatric pharmacologists.
  • Physical Accessibility: A familiar, tangible resource in many EDs.


Downsides of Each Tool

  • NurEx:
    • Requires some digital literacy despite fitting nicely in the flow of the ED
    • Does not present all possible information about each medication since it is meant as a point of care tool
  • Ottawa Manual:
    • Lacks off-label pediatric use
    • Tough to navigate in emergency situations, and tough to locate all relevant information
    • Lacks real-time updates.



Both NurEx and the Ottawa Manual have their unique advantages in pediatric medication dosing. NurEx excels in precision and ease of use. The Ottawa Manual, on the other hand, offers depth and reliability with its comprehensive content.

Considering the digitization of healthcare and the need for precise medication dosing in pediatric care, NurEx stands out as a robust tool for any Emergency Department. To experience how NurEx can revolutionize your ED's approach to pediatric medication dosing, contact the Nura Medical team for a demo today.

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