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NURA Medical Secures Orbite Health Grant to Develop Digital Health Technology for Space and Remote Areas

MONTRÉAL, QC, July 10, 2024 – NURA Medical, a leading innovator in medication safety, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Orbite Health grant from MEDTEQ+. This significant grant will support the development of cutting-edge digital health solutions designed for use in space and remote areas, reinforcing NURA Medical's commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and safety of patients in all environments.

The Orbite Health grant recognizes NURA Medical's potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery in environments where traditional medical infrastructure is limited or unavailable. With this funding, NURA Medical will focus on developing robust, scalable digital clinical decision-support and weight estimation tools that can provide high-quality care in the most challenging conditions, from the vastness of space to the most remote regions on Earth.

Safer Medications in Remote Areas

NURA Medical's pioneering technology aims to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility and reduce medication errors. With its NurEx platform, the company launched a first-of-its-kind solution that presents precalculated, patient-specific information in a digestible manner. The platform, originally designed for the pediatric population to address the complex nature of weight-based medication dosing in children, will be scaled to the general population as part of this project; the centralized platform has the potential to greatly reduce cognitive load for health professionals at the point of care and ensure that all patients are cared for safely and efficiently.

In addition to supporting the NurEx platform, the Orbite Health grant will fund revolutionary work on weight measurement technology. NURA Medical develops a Smart Weight Band for the pediatric and general populations which will enable rapid and accurate weight measurements in emergency settings, remote locations, and in space.

“We are thrilled to receive the Orbite Health grant and to partner with MEDTEQ+. This is a testament to NURA's dedication to making healthcare accessible to all, no matter where they are,” said Georgia Powell, CEO of NURA Medical. "We are particularly excited about the benefits that we can bring to rural communities in Quebec, Canada and abroad through digital technology. Health professionals in remote areas are asked to do a near-impossible job on a daily basis, and we believe that technology can lighten the load for them."

On Earth and in Space

The Orbite Health grant underscores the strategic importance of easy-to-use clinical decision-support and weight estimation technologies. By aligning with national space exploration goals, NURA Medical is poised to develop solutions that not only support astronauts' health during missions but also bring tangible benefits to remote healthcare on Earth.


MEDTEQ+ is a leading consortium in Canada dedicated to accelerating the development and integration of innovative health technologies. By fostering collaboration between industry, academia, and healthcare institutions, MEDTEQ+ aims to improve health outcomes and strengthen the medical technology sector. Their initiatives support the commercialization of cutting-edge solutions that address current and future healthcare challenges.

About NURA Medical

NURA Medical is a Canadian medical technology company developing easy-to-use solutions to empower healthcare workers, reduce medication errors, and increase patient safety. Its NurEx software and Smart Weight Estimation Band automate key aspects of medication preparation, ensuring all patients receive the right dosage when it matters most.

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