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Innovating Pediatric Emergency Care: NURA Medical’s Journey Towards Safer Medication Administration

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Check out our interview with Georgia Powell, Co-founder and CEO of NURA Medical, to explore the triumphs and future aspirations for the start-up. We are excited to support them at ViVe in Los Angeles as they embark on a transformative journey.

What motivated you and your co-founders to start NURA Medical?

We identified a clear need for a solution that facilitates medication preparation in pediatric acute care. According to 2019 study in the Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine Journal, 1 out of 4 children are given an incorrect dose of intravenous medication when treated in an emergency department across North America. The repercussions of medication errors are severe, as most medication errors that occur in pediatrics are ten-fold and have serious consequences to the patient due to the weight-based dosing in pediatrics. We have made it our mission to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety in pediatric acute care.

What are some challenges you are facing while scaling your start-up?

Developing a medical device comes with its own set of challenges including regulatory approvals. As NURA is both a hardware and software company, there are many regulatory certifications to pass prior to launching our products on the market. At the moment, we’re preparing for regulatory certifications for our software.

How did the Dobson Centre play a role in NURA Medical as we know it today?

NURA participated in the Dobson Cup and X1 Accelerator programs, both provided us with strong fundamental knowledge, which has been essential for the team to move NURA forward with momentum. The International Tour is providing NURA with funding and the opportunity to network on a global scale. The tour is allowing us to validate the need for our product in the European market and aiding with global reach to children's hospitals around the world.

Who would be an ideal partner or collaborator for NURA Medical?

NURA is always looking for opportunities for strategic partnerships with Children’s hospitals and rural or community hospitals that treat children in emergency situations. Over 80% of children are initially treated in rural or community hospitals that often lack pediatric expertise, so we are particularly keen to provide clinicians with support for pediatric medication preparation at these centers.

What are you most excited about for ViVe in Los Angeles?

We are looking forward to connecting with US pediatric healthcare professionals, pediatric hospitals, US insurance companies to explore strategic partnerships, and investors.

À propos de NURA Médical

NURA Medical is reducing medication errors in emergency medicine. NURA has developed the NurEx system, a two-part, semi-automated device that provides an accurate weight of the patient from arm-based measurements and an all-in-one pediatric medication dosing software for acute care. Of the utmost importance, NURA Medical is increasing patient safety and improving patient outcomes.

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