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Technology advancing medication safety

Easy-to-use solutions to empower healthcare workers, reduce medication errors, and increase patient safety.
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All-in-one pediatric dosing

The NurEx medication software provides digestible, patient-specific information at the point of care. It performs complex medication dosing calculations in seconds, provides step-by-step administration instructions, and streamlines transfers of care.
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Determine weight in seconds

The NurEx Smart Measuring Band provides accurate weight measurements for pediatric patients.
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Centralize and simplify medication management

NURA's Formulary Management tool centralizes all formulary updates, making reviews and P&T committees effortless.
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  • “Time is critical in an emergency situation, the NURA app allows me to prepare all the medication I need without having to consult multiple resources. This means I can concentrate on the task at hand and provide better care for my patient.”
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    Pediatric emergency medicine nurse
  • “Calculating and preparing medications in pediatrics can seem overwhelming. The NURA application can reduce errors by providing the weight-based calculation and administration information I need in one place.”
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    Pediatric emergency medicine nurse 

  • "Weight-based medication preparation can be a stressful and timely task in an emergency situation - tools such as this app help smoothen and improve the safety of this process."

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    Pediatric emergency medicine nurse
  • "Instead of relying on multiple platforms, useful medication information and instructions are finally in one place."

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    Pediatric emergency medicine nurse 

  • "The application's support during high-stress situations is poised to alleviate the cognitive burden associated with the preparation and administration of medication, thereby enhancing overall safety. The provision of clear and timely instructions for medication preparation and administration empowers healthcare professionals to expedite the preparation of medications in accordance with best standard of practice."

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    Pediatric Pharmacist

Reduce medication errors with NurEx Solutions

See how NurEx can enhance outcomes, accuracy, and facilitate transfers of care.
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